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posted Jun 4, 2017, 12:27 PM by Jonathan Reed   [ updated Jun 9, 2017, 11:24 AM ]
Update June 9, 2017:

Dear Parents and Students of the North Road bus route,

I have been in contact with Scott Hazleton, Sunapee Highway Department regarding the road repair schedule. There may be timing delays as they will continue to repair the damage from our recent rain storms. However, we will have access to North Rd, Perkins Pond Rd and Ryder Corner Rd. We will continue to work collaboratively to get our students to and from school safely.

Beginning Tuesday, June 13th, we will be following this schedule.

Am Bus:

7:05 556 North Rd
    North Rd at Dobles Rd
    395 North Rd
    156 Perkins Pond Rd

7:10 Perkins Pond Rd at Coventry Dr.
    Ryder Corner Rd @ Piney Point
    212 Ryder Corner Rd
7:18 Ryder Corner Rd at Melody Ln
    131 Ryder Corner Rd
    209 North Rd
    North Rd at Hilltop Dr.
    103 North Rd
    58 North Rd

7:25 SMHS

7:35 SCES

PM Bus:

2:40 SCES

2:50 SMHS
    58 North Rd
    102 North Rd
    North Rd at Sargent Rd

2:55 North Rd at Hilltop Drive
    209 North Rd
    Ryder Corner Rd at Piney Point Rd
    Ryder Corner Rd at Mary's Rd
    212 Ryder Corner Rd

3:00 Ryder Corner Rd at Melody Ln
    131 Ryder Corner Rd
    226 North Rd
    Miss Debs

3:05 156 Perkins Pond Rd
    Perkins Pond Rd at Coventry Dr
    395 North Rd
    North Rd at Dobles Rd

3:10 556 North Road
    153 Trow Hill Rd

Please keep in mind there may be variations in the timing of the stops given the obstacles we are all working around. We will not, however, leave a stop earlier than the posted time.

Again I thank you for your patience as we get thru the remaining 2 weeks of school. We will stay in contact regarding all foreseen routing changes as they arise. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thank you,

Brenda Thomas

Transportation Director
Sunapee School District
(603) 763-5615 ext.371