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School Board Agenda - May 6, 2015

posted May 4, 2015, 7:14 AM by Jonathan Reed

Notice of Meeting


Wednesday, May 6, 2015 -- 7:00PM 

SMHS Library Media Center


  1. Call to Order                                                                                     5 Minutes
    • Roll Call
    • Pledge of Allegiance Moment of Meditation
  2. Approval of School Board Meeting Minutes:                     5 Minutes
    • Minutes of April 1, 2015 School Board Meeting
  3. Agenda Review
  4. Public Forum 10 Minutes
  5. NH Solar Proposal (Andrew Kellar)
  6. Social Studies K12 Curriculum Review 15 Minutes
  7. Good News: 10 Minutes
    1. SCES
    2. SMHS
    3. Special Education
  8. Student Representative Report 5 Minutes
  9. Superintendent Update 5 Minutes
  10. Buildings and Grounds Update: 10 Minutes
    1. Sherburne Gym Floor Floor 
    2. Tiles in Science Room 
    3. Handicap Bathrooms 
    4. LED Lights for SMHS Soccer Fields 
    5. Score Board Replacement at Upper Ball Field
  11. Policy Review:
        Second Reading & Approval:
            BEDG-R Access to Minutes and Public Records 
            KA School, Family and Community Partnerships

            KDCA Use of Students in Public Information Program 
            KFA Public Conduct on School Property 
            KL. Public Complaints
            KLD Public Complaints About School Personnel

    12. Action items: 15 Minutes

            a. Approve Outside Security Cameras at SCES & SMHS 

            b. Approve LED Lighting Proposal - American Energy Efficiency Company 

            c. Approve Teacher Request for LoyaltyLongevity Payment

            d. Approve up to $50,000 Withdrawal from SCES Maintenance Capital Reserve Fund & SMHS School Facility Capital Reserve Fund 

            e. Approve Placement of Monies in Reserve Fund Balance Account 

            f. Accept Resignation of Rebecca Dashner PT, DPT 

            g. Approve School Deputy Treasurer 

            h. Approve Custodial Salary Schedule and Benefit Package 

            i. Approve Paving Project at SMHS

13. Information Items 10 minutes

            a. Emergency Management Drills - June 45th 

            b. CopSync.911 (Chief Cahill) 

            c. Board Survey Ouestions 

            d. Summer Town Meeting Response 

            e. Invitation to Meeting with BOC & BAC June 8" at 6pm

             f. Correspondence

Manifests: 10 Minutes

• AP Manifests:

2015-22   115,182.34             2015-23             81,196.46

• Payroll Manifests:

2015-21   292,521.94              2015-22             210,280.79

14. Public Forum

15. Agenda Items for Next Meeting – Board Chair

16. Request to go into non-public session for discussion of matters covered under RSA 91A:3

17. Adjournment

Jonathan Reed,
May 4, 2015, 7:14 AM