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Welcome to Mr. Baker's website!
This is the official site for my Science classes.  Here you will find class notes, assignments, links and other resources to help you during your voyage through the universe of Science! 

In the event that you want to send me a friendly e-mail (the only kind to send to people), my school e-mail is:

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Daily Calendar
Below is my daily calendar.  If you click on the entry ("Science 7" for example) for a given day, it should tell you what we did in class and what the homework was for that day.  This is especially useful if you are absent and need to know what you missed OR if you forgot to write your assignment in your assignment notebook!
  • Click on an entry ("Science 7" for example) for a given day.  A note should pop up, which tells you what we did in class that day and what the homework was.
  • If you then click on "more details" inside the pop-up note, it will take you to a screen where you can download any attachments.  I often attach copies of homework or worksheets / labs that we did in class - so if you were absent or lost it, you can get a copy here.

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