The Planets

Chapters 8 and 9 of the text cover the Inner Planets and the Outer Planets of our Solar System, respectively.  Your task will be to prepare and deliver a presentation on the planet of your choice.  (We will sign up for planets in class.)  The format of your presentation (lecture, PowerPoint, sing-along, etc.) is up to you, but must cover the material from the text.  You are, of course, welcome to use any of the online course materials (interactives, animations, etc) or any other resources that you feel will help you to do a quality job.  Please be sure to cite your sources and put material into your own words.


For your chosen planet, you should…

·        Convey Information from the text.

o   By the end of your presentation, the class should have some notes about your planet that they can use to prepare for the quiz.

o   You should be able to discuss your planet and answer questions posed by your audience (the class and Mr. Baker).

·        Provide some imagery of your planet.

o   This includes what it looks like, as well as any relevant diagrams (such as the structure of its interior or a comparison of its size to other planets).

·        Be able to present the material with grace and poise.

o   This means that you have proper spelling and grammar throughout, you can pronounce all the names and terms in your presentation properly, and you know what all the words mean in your presentation.


We will plan to have quizzes on both of these chapters – you will need to submit 2-3 multiple choice questions about your planet.  You should offer four or five possible answers for each, and these questions must be covered in both your presentation and Chapter 8 or 9 of the text.



Video of the approach to Jupiter - here.