Bird Poster Assignment

You will select one species of bird to research, and collect the following information about it:


  • Common and Scientific names
  • Family (Classification)
  • Size (length and wingspan)
  • Plumage (What it looks like)
  • Field marks (Specific traits that help to identify this species)
  • Range (Where in the world is it found?)
  • Food (What does it eat?  How does it get it’s food?)
  • Song/Call (What does it sound like?  Describe it’s call.)
  • Behavior (Does it walk or hop?  Where does it sleep? Any other specific behaviors.)
  • Abundance (Is it common or rare?  Is it endangered?)
  • Habitat (What type of habitat does it live in?)
  • Nesting (Where/how does it build its nest?  How many eggs?)
  • Any other information that you feel would add to your project.

v     Be sure to document your sources!

After collecting the above information, the student will use it to create a poster of his/her bird.  The poster should include:

  • A drawing of the bird in its natural habitat.
  • All of the information listed above for this bird.
  • A complete Works Cited (bibliography) on the back of the poster.
  • Correct spelling and grammar throughout the entire poster.
Jonathan Reed,
Apr 9, 2013, 12:11 PM