Blue Slips and Pink Slips

Just a quick note to explain Blue Slips and Pink Slips...                                                                    (Mainly for Parents)

Blue Slips - a.k.a. "SMS Missing Homework Notification" forms

A Blue Slip is not a punishment.  It is simply a way for us, as teachers, to let parents know when their kids have missed an assignment.  The hope is that the parents can then help the kids to get back on track so that they don't get further behind.

Please sign the Blue Slip and return it.  This is how we know that we have successfully communicated with you.  If the slip is not signed and returned, we have to assume that the student did not bring it to you - Middle School policy then calls for a Pink Slip (detention) to be issued.

You should also note that there are three options for you to choose from:

  ___ My child will attend Study Club on the date indicated.

  ___ My child will attend Study Club on the following day.

  ___ My child will not attend Study Club at this time.

Please be sure to indicate your choice, so that we will know how you would like us to address the situation with your child.

Pink Slips - a.k.a. "SMS After-School Detention Notice" forms

Detentions are generally given for behavior issues.  This includes unacceptable behavior, chewing gum in the middle school (a long-standing rule at SMS), or failing to return a Blue Slip with a parent signature.

Please sign and return the Pink Slip.  Middle School policy states that failure to return a Pink Slip with a parent signature OR failure to serve the detention will result in two days of detention.  If that Pink Slip is not returned or if either of those detentions are not served, then the matter is referred to the office.