Country Study

As part of the Country Study Project, students are to research a threatened or endangered animal from their country and create a poster to display what they have learned.

The first step is to find a threatened or endangered animal from your country.  One good place to look is Animal Info's Index of Countries, which can be found here.  Click on the country name, and it will give you a list of endangered animals from that country.  Below are some other web resources that you can use.

Sites to Help Find an Endangered Species
  • Animal Info - Click on "Country Index" to search for endagered species in your country.  Some of the organisms listed may also have some info about them.
  • Earth's Endangered Creatures - Search by country or region, filter by type of animal (bird, fish, plants, etc.).
  • ICUN Red List - Click on "Search".  At the next screen, go down into the red area and set two items:  Red List Categories to EN (endangered) or CR (critially endangered), and Select One or More Countries to your country.  Then run the search.
Sites for Finding Info on Your Chosen Species
  • Arkive - You will need to search based on the name of your animal, but has pictures, maps, video, etc.  
  • Encyclopedia of Life - A bit technical, but seems to have good info and some nice pictures.
  • eSpecies Facts Sheet - Has some info - animals are listed by continent, not country.  Be careful - some are threatened, not endangered.  This site would be more useful if you have already chosen your animal. 
  • World Wildlife Fund - Try clicking on the "Species" tab on the top, then selecting "Endangered Species".
Do you have other good online sources for this project?  Share them by leaving me a comment below.  Thanks!  -Mr. Baker

Requirements for the Endangered Animal poster are attached below. 
Jonathan Reed,
May 24, 2013, 7:26 AM