As you move up through middle school and high school, you will be asked to do more and more online.  This means that you will need to develop some typing skills in order to keep up with it all.  Learning to type properly will allow you to complete your online work more quickly and with fewer mistakes.  As your typing skills get better and better, you'll find that you'll be able to get your work done in much less time.

Keyboarding is a physical skill, much like the physical skills you learn when you play a sport.  It takes time and practice to develop this skill.  You have to be patient, and be willing to put the time and effort in to developing it.  You might get frustrated sometimes, but remember that it's not a race: skills take time to develop.  Just do your best and work consistently.

Keyboarding Practice
Keyboarding Games

Wrists, Hands and Fingers: Proper Typing Techniques - submitted by Logan @ Mathmagic Academy.
Microsoft Office Lessons
Google Apps Lessons
Life Skills Using Technology

Practicing On Your Own
Please do not use the EduTyping software outside of class.  I need to be able to track your classwork and to see that you are using proper technique.  If you'd like to practice on your own, you can use any of the websites listed above in the Keyboarding Practice or Keyboarding Games lists.

When you have completed the keyboarding curriculum, you will begin learning to use various programs that will be useful to you in middle school, high school, and beyond!  We will begin with Microsoft Word, using the online lessons listed above AND in-class performance tasks.  However, you are also welcome to explore these lessons on your own - especially if you need some help with a program that you might need to use for another class.

Other Resources