Life in the Science Classroom

For class, you will need the following…

  1. A textbook.
  2. A pen or pencil.
  3. A notebook.
  4. An assignment notebook.
  5. A functioning brain (preferably your own).

* * * If you do not have these things with you, then you're not prepared for class. * * *



I calculate grades based on how many points you get each quarter, compared to how many you can get.  For example, I give a quiz with 14 questions on it.  You answer 12 correctly.  You get 12 points for the quiz, out of a possible 14 points.  Over the quarter, I keep a running total of how many points you earn out of the total number of points available.  This is a little different than the way other teachers may keep grades, but I like it because an assignment with 5 questions will not be weighted the same as an assignment with 20 questions.



Hopefully, discipline won't be a problem.  Wouldn't it be great if everyone always had their homework done, and no one yelled out in class, and I never had to discipline anyone?  Unfortunately, this is not reality.  So, here's how it works:

  • First time I have to speak to you, you get a warning (name on the board).
  • Second time, you get a second warning (a check by your name).
  • Third time, you get transferred from the warnings list to the detention list.

Ways that you can get warnings: being unprepared for class, talking out of turn, disrupting the class, and making fun of my drawings (just kidding on that last one).

There may also be times when a student just needs a few minutes to get themselves together.  In this instance, a "five-minute penalty" is given: you go to the hallway for five minutes to get yourself under control, then return to class.


Late Homework

It is your responsibility to get homework done on time.  Late homework will result in a Blue Slip being issued.  Work turned in late due to absence will not be penalized, provided it is turned in within a reasonable amount of time.  (You generally have the number of days you were absent, plus one, to complete make-up work.)  The only exception to this rule will be for those students who need extra help on a homework assignment and come for extra help before class time on the day the assignment is due.


Tests & Quizzes

You may retake most tests and quizzes in my class, if you have earned a D or F.  However, you cannot score higher than an 80% on the retake, and you may not retake a test during class time.  Also, retakes may not be in the same format or have the same questions as the original test or quiz.  The purpose of this is to allow you the time to improve your understanding of the material, when necessary.  Limits may be placed on the number of retakes allowed per quarter if I find that this is being abused.