Martial Arts and Sciences

This class is designed to give students a broader perspective of the world and a deeper insight into themselves.  Using karate as a vehicle, we will discuss biology, physics, and body dynamics.  We will explore history, philosophy and literature.  We will even touch on a little geography and Japanese language.

Students in this class will learn the complete set of basics (Kihon) of the Goju Ryu style of traditional Okinawan karate.  They will learn the mechanics of these techniques, as well as the philosophy that governs when and how karate is used.  Students will learn some of the history of the martial arts, which will give them a framework in which to understand the movements and philosophy that they will learn.
  • Make a Zen Garden Rake - You can use any kind of container with sand and a few nice rocks for your garden - here are the instructions on how to make the rake!

Friday - Before Spring Elective Week
Meet as an elective group for the first time.
Receive your Student Handbook.
Read the Dojo Rules on pages 2-3 of your handbook.  Sign your handbook on page 3 to show you understand the rules and agree to follow them.
Read "Opening & Closing Ceremony" on page 4 of your handbook.  Complete the assignment on page 5.
Look through the rest of the handbook to get an idea of what to expect next week!

Karate techniques covered: Upper Block, Middle Block, Front Punch, Instep Kick.
Basic Jujitsu - Escape from wrist grabs.
Opening and closing bows - who they are to, purpose behind them.
Dojo rules.
Name of style.
Read about belt ranks and teaching grades on pages 10-11 of your handbook.  Complete the assignment on page 12.
Read about Kanyro Higashionna on pages 24-27.  Be prepared to discuss in class on Tuesday.

Performance Tasks

Performance Tasks may be completed at any time during the week.  These are due at the end of the day on Friday.
  • Count to 10 in Japanese.
  • Identify two hinge joints and two ball-and-socket joints in your body.
  • Identify 15 different bones in your body.
  • Identify 10 different muscles in your body.
  • Explain how the diaphragm works.
  • Choose one of Newton's Laws and explain how it relates to karate.

Karate techniques covered: Middle-Lower Block, Backfists (3), Short Punches, Front Thrust Kick, Side Kick.
Material from Kyoshi Hewett's Sneaky Escapes program.
Complete the assignment on the Dojo Kun on page 13.
about Chojun Miyagi on pages 28-32.  Be prepared to discuss in class on Wednesday.

Karate techniques covered: Downward Striking Block, Swing Strike, Knee-Joint Kick.
Review of Jujitsu techniques and Sneaky Escapes.
Complete the assignment on the Code of Ethics on page 14.
Read about Morality in Karate on pages 32-37.  Be prepared to discuss in class on Thursday.

Karate techniques covered: Downward Sweeping Block, Knife-Hand Strike, Roundhouse Kick.
Turn in Field Trip Permission Forms.

Field Trip to Rising Sun Martial Arts!
Turn in Student Handbooks.  (These will be returned once they've been graded!)

*Please note that the techniques covered may vary, due to the progress of the class.  Class assignments will remain the same!