Ornithology is the study of birds. This course will focus on bird biology, ecology, evolution and classification. Field identification will also play a major part in this class. Students should be prepared to spend a significant amount of time in the field – both in class and on their own – and to record their observations on eBird.com over the course of the semester.


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Course Materials
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Birding Resources
  • eBird.org - A great resource for birders.  Records your sightings and keeps your lifelist, and shows where other people are seeing birds: how many and what species.  Data collected here is used by actual scientists and researchers.  (Note: Same as eBird.com.)
  • eNature.com - Good place to look up species - basically an online field guide.  Includes songs/calls for many of the birds listed.
  • New Hampshire Audubon - Has information about events and Audubon centers around the state.
  • The Harriers - New Hampshire's Young Birder's Club.  For ages 10-18 - great opportunities, cool field trips.
  • Why Birds Matter - A short online video from Audubon president, David Yarnold.
Citizen Science Opportunities
Links from Spring Field Ornithology (Cornell)

Winter Residents (Birds)
Waterfowl ID
Hawk ID
Owl ID
Shorebird ID
Early Landbird Migrant ID
Late Landbird Migrant ID
Warbler & Vireo ID
Gardening for Birds

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