Physical Science

Physical Science is an introductory course designed to build a foundation for further learning in all fields of science and technology.  In the first semester, students will explore and investigate general topics of chemistry such as: What matter is made of, how the structure of matter determines its physical and chemical properties, and how matter and energy interact.  The second semester introduces the topic of physics.  Students will explore motion and its causes.  They will investigate the concepts of work, energy and power and how the motion of the atoms within an object affect the properties of an object such as heat and physical state.  Students will also be introduced to electricity and how it is used in today’s technologies.

Course Materials

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If you are having trouble with any of the concepts here, check out Crash Course online.  They present short (10-15 min) videos that teach a variety of topics.  The ones that are relevant to this course can be found...

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