7th Grade Science

Welcome to Science 7!

Topics that we cover in this course include...
Clicking on any of these topics will take you to the class notes for that unit.  You may also find attached files that we use in class (such as PowerPoints, project guidelines, etc.).  Please note that, with the exception of Scientific Method and Metric System (which we always start the year with), topics are in alphabetical order - not in the order they are covered in class!  Also, some units have files associated with them - look for a link at the very bottom of each topic page to get the attached files.

The course syllabus has been attached below.  Please note that the weekly topic outline is a general guideline for the course of study.  The actual class may move ahead or behind this schedule based on the needs of the students.  Also, it is understood that classes evolve as new information is added - no two classes are exactly the same.  Thus, the weekly syllabus should never be considered "cast in stone"!

Science 7 - Course Description & Working Syllabus

Brent Baker,
Jun 24, 2014, 6:17 AM