Water Cycle

The water on Earth has been here for several billion years.  It gets used, discarded, cleaned, and used again by plants and animals.  In fact, the water that you drink has had a long and interesting history.  It may have been taken in by plants and animals, it's been in the atmophere and the ocean, and it may have even spend some time in glaciers.

The Water Cycle is the process by which the Earth purifies and recycles its water.  There are six main parts to the Water Cycle:

1. Evaporation happens when water changes from a liquid to a gas.
2. Condensation happens when water changes from a gas to a liquid.
3. Precipitation is the name for water falling from the sky.
4. Run-Off is water flowing along the surface of the ground.
5. Groundwater is water in the ground.
6. Transpiration is evaporation caused by plants.

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