Thoughts on Success

There are several things that you, as a student, can do to help yourself be as successful as possible in Science.

  1. Do it.  Do it on time and do it well.  Homework is an opportunity to practice your skills and improve your knowledge and understanding.
  2. Take your time.  Read the directions carefully.  If the homework calls for you to read a section of your book, then read your book - don't just skim it, as you won't get as much out of it.
  3. Ask for help.  If you're not sure of something, ask.  If you're not doing well on a particular topic, ask the teacher to go over your homework with you before it's due to make sure that you understood it.
  4. Do your own work!  Friends like to help each other.  But too much "help" on homework does not give you the practice you need to be successful.  Yes, it's harder to do your own work (especially when friends are willing to "help" by giving you the right answers), but it pays off in the long run by making you smarter and a stronger student.

Quizzes & Tests
  1. Study a little bit each night.  Don't try to cram it all in the night before the test - it doesn't work that well!
  2. Re-write the key facts from your notes onto a notecard.  The process of going through your notes for the main ideas and then writing it is one of the best ways to review for a test.
  3. Don't just accept a low grade - do something to make it better!  If you do poorly, ask about re-taking the test/quiz.

Remember - you are the master of your own destiny!  If you take actions to make yourself successful, you will be more successful.  Don't be content with less than your best!

If you have tips for success, you can submit them below.