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Extinct Animals                                                                                                                                                                                                              
  • The Genomic Revolution - American Museum of Natural History online exhibit.  Includes information on cloning, genetic  engineering, the human genome project, and the latest in genetic and genomic technology.
  • AMNH Genetically Modified Organism scenarios: BT Corn, Golden Rice.
  • Online PCR Simulation - A simulation of the Polymerase Chain Reaction, which is used to make millions of copies of DNA for use in the lab.  (An AMNH site.)
  • Dog Breeding Game - Use your knowledge of genetics to breed dogs with the right traits.
  • Geology for Kids - A website with good basic info on a wide range of geology topics.
  • Wave Forms - We used this site to look at how various types of seismic waves work.
  • Deep Sea Vents - By the American Museum of Natural History.  This included a slideshow of the methods scientists use to find deep sea hydrothermal vents, and a simulation where students could use these tools to find a deep sea vent.
Non-Science Related Websites